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Why Brooklyn Entrepreneurs Choose Creative Lofts

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Entrepreneurs are go-getters that think outside of the box. They are problem solvers and tend to find solutions to common problems. They aren’t afraid to let go of traditional work methods and practices and embrace a more non-traditional approach if it means maximizing their efficiency and productivity. 

They are innovative and creative, and often prefer to work in spaces that reflect this. This is why so many Brooklyn entrepreneurs are choosing to move their businesses into creative lofts in the city. Not only can it be a more cost-effective option for small businesses, but lofts foster cooperation, communication, team building, creativity, and collaboration simply by design.

Sunset Park Office Lofts
The Briq at Sunset Park

Creative Lofts Help Build Relationships

Small businesses and startups require networking and connection to flourish. If you’re an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of meeting new people and building professional relationships. Many Brooklyn entrepreneurs use creative lofts as coworking spaces, which allows them to collaborate with other professionals and makes it easy to have meaningful discussions and work together. 

If you are working with a small team or on your own, working in a creative loft gets you out of your home office, into Brooklyn’s vibrant business district, and helps foster relationships that can help move your business forward.

Creative Lofts Give You A Place To Meet Clients

First impressions are so important when you’re meeting a client for the first time, especially if you are an entrepreneur who is trying to build your client base. Having a modern and innovative office space says a lot to your clients about your professionalism and attention to detail. Inviting them to meet you in your office loft lets them see your work environment, and gives them a peek into your company culture. 

While you could meet your clients at a coffee shop in Brooklyn or a cafe on the water, meeting in your own professional, comfortable, and contemporary workplace says a lot about you as a business owner. It also gives you the space and resources you need to conduct successful meetings and make a solid first impression.

Bushwick Office Loft
THE 55

Creative Lofts Are Cost-Effective

Office space in Brooklyn is not easy to find. Especially for tech companies that want to work within the bustling Brooklyn Tech Triangle. Businesses that find office space in Brooklyn tend to stay put, making it challenging for new companies, startups, and entrepreneurs to find a professional workspace. Creative lofts give small businesses a cost-effective way to work within the city limits and around other successful companies without paying top dollar for traditional office space. You can find creative lofts and art studios in Bushwick starting at $30-$35 a square foot, which can be a game-changer for entrepreneurs looking for affordable space in an area where traditional office space runs for $50-$60 a square foot. 

Since many entrepreneurs in Brooklyn share their lofts with other professionals and use it as a coworking space, the monthly rent is split between many people, and so are the utilities and other operating expenses. 

A Final Thought

Brooklyn sees thousands of new startups each year, and many entrepreneurs are looking for the perfect space to work, collaborate, meet with clients, and grow their businesses. Creative loft spaces are the perfect blend of innovation, sustainability, and collaboration, and are exactly what Brooklyn business owners want to get their companies to the next level. 


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