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Finding Office Space in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Creative Office Building in The Navy Yards Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Tech Triangle is one of the fastest-growing technology hubs in the country, and some people are even forecasting that it is due to become the next Silicon Valley. The Brooklyn Tech triangle consists of The Brooklyn Navy Yard, DUMBO and Downtown Brooklyn.

If the strategic implementation of the plan developed by WXY Architecture, Urban Design and the Brooklyn Tech Triangle Coalition comes into fruition, it is going to be one of the largest technological hubs in the country.

It's no surprise that an area with a reputation for being such an innovative technological hub is one of the most sought after locations for office space in the city. This tech triangle is home to 1,350 tech companies and 17,000 employees, and the numbers keep rising.

Why should you get an office space in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle?

Before we enter into the nitty-gritty on how to find office space in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, it is essential first to understand why it is a good idea to get an office space in this tech hub.

[1] Proximity to other companies-come-customers

Many companies operate from the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, where they have developed a symbiotic relationship. This centralized location makes it easy to access and collaborate with other companies.

[2] Sharing resources and information

Having a business near other companies and interacting daily with workers from other companies helps you get an idea of what other companies in your sector are doing. This simplifies the flow of information. More so, companies can share resources such as electricity, water, and sewerage systems.

[3] Attracting the best team possible

Any successful CEO knows that success starts with a skilled, talented, and competent workforce. To be successful, you must set your company in a location from which the most talented, qualified, experienced, and competent people would love to work. Brooklyn Tech hub is already attracting the young, talented professionals in the region.

[4] Locations matter for start-up success

If you're starting a start-up, the location of your business matters significantly and has a significant bearing on its success. You need a location where you can easily find skills, talents, mentorship, technology, customers, investors, and networks. You can have the best ideas, but you cannot build them to become successful while operating in the middle of nowhere.

Where do I find Office Space in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle?

Entrepreneurs Working In Creative Brooklyn Loft

Given the above advantages, it is now time to talk about where to find office spaces in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle. We suggest starting your search in:


Finding space in DUMBO can be challenging since the market is tight on this part of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle. Businesses here want to stay here, making space hard to find. DUMBO has around five active commercial office buildings, which means if you're going to get in on a vacant space, you have to move fast. Owning office space in Dumbo can be a game-changer for your business, and is worth pursuing. You can find a directory of all the available space here.

Like Dumbo, office space in Downtown Brooklyn is also limited. One of the reasons that it is difficult to find office space in this part of New York City is that it has been rated as one of the best places to start and grow a business. Again, business owners and entrepreneurs that can find space here are holding onto it tightly. While there is more space in Downtown Brooklyn than in Dumbo, it can still be challenging to scoop one up when it goes up for sale. You can find a directory of all the available space here.

[3] Brooklyn Navy Yard

This is one of the areas that has undergone some of the most significant renovations since the establishment of the Brooklyn Tech Hub. It is made up of 300 acres, all on the water, in north Brooklyn. One of the reasons many business owners are looking for space in this part of the triangle is because it offers lower-than-market rents. These adjustments make a huge difference for small business owners and reduce many of the barriers that impact market entry. You can find a directory of all the available space here.

Downtown Brooklyn and DUMBO have websites set up specifically to market office spaces available for sale and lease, but Brooklyn Navy Yard doesn't. This means hearing about available properties is even more difficult in this part of the triangle. However, you can easily find information about available office space by contacting

Good luck in your search for office space in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle.


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