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How COVID Is Changing The Brooklyn Work Environment

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Earlier this year, many Brooklyn professionals were commuting to their offices every day, sharing elevators and small office spaces without a second thought. They were taking the crowded subways into the city in the morning, working all day in their co-working spaces, and heading home the same way at the end of the day. The idea of working closely with other people all day long meant efficiency and productivity, and it was working.

Brooklyn Creative Loft

Enter COVID-19.

As the nation watched and waited for what this unknown virus would do, some chose to continue work in traditional offices as usual. But as numbers started to climb, more and more professionals decided to skip the crowded subways and small co-working spaces and shift their workday to their NY homes and apartments. To adhere to CDC guidelines, New Yorkers quickly adapted to working remotely and found new ways to foster creativity and collaboration without using the WeWork style office space that they were using before. 

As we enter the second half of 2020, many professionals are eager for a change of scenery. They’ve been working from their home office for 5-6 months, and are anxious to put some space between their work lives and their home lives. Coffee shops, restaurants, and hotel lobbies still aren’t an option for work meetings and collaboration spaces, so many Brooklyn entrepreneurs and business owners are looking for other options. 

Enter Creative Lofts.

Teams of business owners and entrepreneurs in Brooklyn are finding that creative lofts throughout the city are the solution to their problem. There are lofts within walking distance to the city’s most popular suburbs and high-rises. This means it is easier to commute (even walk) to these spaces and avoid public transport. 

Another recent trend in Brooklyn is groups of friends coming together to invest in creative lofts together. This allows groups of people, even in different industries, to have a dedicated workspace that is not shared with strangers. This can alleviate the stress that comes with sharing close quarters with people you don’t know. While social visiting is still key in beating this pandemic, getting to choose who works in your space can be a compromise. 

The Takeaway

It is too early to tell what long-term effects COVID-19 will have on the traditional office model. Will people go back to WeWork style office spaces or adapt to working from home? Could creative lofts be a happy medium? What we do know is that eager and hungry entrepreneurs and business owners are adaptable and resourceful, and will find ways to run their businesses, even during a pandemic. 

Brooklyn Creative Loft

If you’re looking for a change of scenery for your business, but aren’t ready to go back to the traditional office, a modern creative loft space in Dumbo, Sunset Park, Bushwick, Williamsburg, or Greenpoint may be your next right step.

Want to see what’s available? Click here for loft options available now. 


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