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TAMI Tenants Occupying Converted Offices In Brooklyn

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Brooklyn has grown into a tech hub and is the second largest after San Francisco. Most Tech, advertising, media, and information start-ups are coming up by the day. These TAMI corporations have not only dominated Brooklyn and the entire New York’s tenant base but have also changed the commercial real estate landscape. What’s more, they have continued to drive space aesthetics and how commercial buildings are designed and constructed.

The desire for differently designed and constructed office buildings has led to the shift from corporate-looking and office-intensive layouts to open, and collaborative workspaces, which has, in turn, led to the reappearance of architecturally distinctive office spaces. TAMI corporations have not only changed their taste for differently designed office buildings but have also ousted FIRE (Finance, Insurance and Real Estate) corporations in terms of the space used in the private sector.

So, the question that arises is why FAMI corporations are moving into converted warehouses and differently designed commercial buildings? Read on to find out why!

Reasons For TAMI Corporation’s Adaptation Of Converted Offices

1. Employee base

Nearly all these corporations are started and run by young and creative individuals. Neighborhoods such as Gowanus are filled by such young people, who are looking to start or join startups. Setting up offices in the same area as the employee base seems like the perfect way of fulfilling Brooklyn’s culture—live, work, and play mantra. These corporations are making their working opportunities and culture more appealing and enticing, making it easy to retain their young talent.

2. Easy to access

Converted offices are mostly located in Brooklyn and other neighborhoods of New York. Any employees coming from other parts of the city have access to an easy array of transportation options. This is the same factor that attracts new residents to these neighborhoods and is surprisingly the same one that is drawing new TAMI businesses.

3. Deficiency of true office inventory.

As earlier mentioned, there has been a heightened demand for Class-A office space by FIRE corporations over the years. In recent years, the lack of this office space has been felt by the mushrooming TAMI corporations. As such, areas outside of the traditional office markets such as Downtown Brooklyn (which registers almost the lowest vacancy rates in the country) offer the perfect spaces for office conversion. This way, there is a significant expansion of the pool of potential options in terms of office spaces.

4. Your office is your world

For TAMI corporations, so much happens in their offices. Most of these corporations have incorporated almost all features of a modern office in these warehouses that they occupy. Creative companies such as Creative Lofts & Art Studios have partnered with other firms to reach out and connect with corporations to give them the most creative office spaces. This helps fit and reflect their cultures and brands. After all, what’s better than space from a former warehouse, which is repurposed to reverberate with a corporation’s energy?

These offices are given different and unique features, including large floor plates and high ceilings. These office spaces offer tenants the flexibility to make the most out of their office space, which is tailored to suit their needs and whims. What’s more, these offices have helped corporations move away from the conventional office space—the one-fit-all style. With creative office spaces, employees can feel comfortable and work efficiently.

The demand for converted warehouses has increased over the years due to the lack of true-office space in New York. With FIRE corporations occupying most of these office spaces, TAMI corporations have been forced to seek alternative options, and that has made converted office spaces and creatively designed offices common in the commercial real estate landscape

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