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5 Must things to have in a Brooklyn Creative Loft

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Brooklyn Creative Loft at 361 Stagg Street

Lofts have become a thing in New York and especially Brooklyn. The rise in property rates and rents has made people opt to set their offices in lofts. Some even have decided to be in work lofts. Concerning this, people are increasingly becoming conscious about the appearance of their lofts.

People want to have lofts, which have that classy, euphoric feel and look. This article focuses on the 5 must things have in your working loft to ensure that it maintains a classy, euphoric feel and look.

What are the 5 must-have things in a Brooklyn Loft?

1. Exposed Wooden Beams

A loft with exposed wooden beams is quite charming and gives one an unexplainable sense of feeling one with nature. It also reminds one of the beauties of the untamed nature that lives within us all.

Exposed beams in your loft can take various forms. One of the most common form of exposed beams is when they are on the ceiling of your loft. The exposed wooden beams run across the ceiling in explicit patterns that wants you to stare at the ceiling all day.

Another use of exposed beams in a loft is when they act as door and window frames. The window and door frames are fitted with the wooden beams. This approach makes your loft even better if they have the look of logs.

The use of wooden beams in lofts is one way of proving that one does not have to sacrifice aesthetics.

2. Exposed Brick

Whether it is a common house or a loft, exposed brick gives your room a character and a charm that no one will easily get over. Finding a loft that has exposed bricks is like hitting a Jackpot especially here in Brooklyn since it gives your loft space a rustic charm that makes your room appear industrial.

A loft with exposed bricks is also cheap when it comes to maintenance. Actually, the reason why exposed bricks became popular in the 1900s, is because people discovered that it was much easier and less expensive to remove the plasterwork and live in a house with exposed bricks, compared to replacing the damaged plaster work.

In New York, exposed bricks are particularly popular in lofts, and that’s why it’s a must-have for any loft in Brooklyn.

3. High Ceiling

A high ceiling, large windows, and great rooms define a true loft. As such, once cannot claim to be in a true loft if the ceiling is low.

A high ceiling makes one feel freer, gives you room to hang overhead decorations such as lights, and even makes it possible to use normal height furniture.

If the ceiling of the loft is slanting on one side, it is good you out furniture on the slanting side so that you leave the areas with the high ceiling free for moving around in the loft. There is no need of having a fancy loft, but half the time you’re in the loft, your back is hunched.

4. Natural Light

Brooklyn Creative Loft in Clinton Hill

This one is self-explanatory. There are many advantages that come with having abundant natural light in your room, including less electricity bill, and better health.

Either way, who would want to be in a room that does not have natural light? I mean, those spooky bugs are going to have a field day all day, throughout the year in your room. Those spooky bugs that love dark corners.

Most constructors ensure that lofts have abundant natural light through having large windows that let in light. It is also possible to have abundant natural light by having a translucent ceiling.

5. Creative Building Community

Everyone is creative in his or her light. More so, being part of a community helps one acquire new ideas and give out their ideas.

It is therefore important that your loft has a creative building community hence ensuring that you are always up to date with new décor and designs that are fit for your loft.

Most of the people who want to work in lofts also want to fulfill their artistic desires. Giving them a creative building community is one-step towards achieving this.

Imagine being in a loft that has a high ceiling, plenty of natural light, exposed wooden beams, exposed bricks, and being part of a creative building community. Exquisite right?

Now stop imagining and look or develop a loft that has these 5 must-have things.


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