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3 Best Ideas for a Creative Office Loft Design

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

I have entered several offices in Brooklyn, and most of them have one problem, which I noticed. Most offices are gloomy. For those who have tried to make their offices lively, they have either some few pictures or portrait, a pet fish, flowers, or a plant. This is also the trend in most modern offices around the world.

I don’t want to force my ideas about what an office should like, but I feel an office should be like your personal hideout which you have created. You should have an office that reflects your personality, and makes you miss it whenever you’re out,

After realizing this common observation in most offices, I thought; why not write a comprehensive article on how we can improve our offices? Below are some ideas for your creative offices, which with a little tweak to your own liking, will soothe and excite your soul and mind.

The Social Creative Office Space

[1] The Social Office

This office allows peers to have a face-to-face interaction when working together. The desks and seats are arranged in such a way that the peers face each other.

It is most ideal when you aim to increase happiness in the workplace, and when the kind of work engaged in requires constant consultation. It reduces time since the staff will not have to move from one place to another in order to consult.

Some of the tips to make such a workspace great are;

* Use adjustable seats – this will ensure that all employees can adjust the height of their seats so that everybody is at the same eye level.

* Desks should be in the middle and the seats should be facing each other – although at first people will feel awkward, once they get used to looking at each other the awkwardness will go

* Engage in team building activities – engaging in team building activities will create a team spirit among your staff. This will make the conservations less forced, and the interactions more productive.

The major drawback to this design is that you will have to look for a large loft office space.

The “Proud” creative office

[2] The “Proud” office

This is a type of office where the walls and shelfs have some of your most prized collections, or trophies. In some cases, you can also hang your principles, and some of the people you look up to.

It is ideal for artists, and start – up businesses who wish to reinforce their capabilities, and to show their customers that they are up to the task.

Some tips you might need for this type of office layout are;

* Use a board where you can easily pin famous quotes, earned certificates, pictures of key stages in your business or artistry. In case you are an artist, you will need to hang one of your most intriguing pieces of arts

* Build some shelves where you can put trophies that you have won, or books you have published

If you have a small office space, or if yours is a startup office, I would advise you consider using this office layout.

The meditation/motivation creative office

[3] The meditation/motivation office

Work is demanding and sometimes you require a place where you can meditate, feel relaxed, and be recharged.

If you are an artist, you will find that the largest part of any piece of artwork lies in the motivation behind the piece of art. This is also true to most other professionals. Therefore, you will need a space where you can feel relaxed, and meditate.

Some of the tips for this type of office are;

* Equip the office with rocking chairs, bean – bag seats, or comfortable couches to make people feel cozy and relaxed.

* The room should have ample natural light to reduce office burnouts. Studies show that if people work in rooms with natural light they suffer less burnouts, and are more creative. Most modern offices have a lot of natural light.

* Make use of TVs, and soft music – I personally prefer my office to have a TV, which is forever on NatGeo. I reduce the volume to zero, and then watch nature from my office.

This office design is not suitable when there is a need for continued interaction among peers or where there is office sharing.

There are many modern creative office designs, which you can utilize. I offered three, which I think, are the most suitable for creative office lofts. The above are just my ideas.


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